Cancellation and No Show No Call Policies

A text message or email reminder is sent out 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please confirm this appointment by pressing C and send. This is generated by our software program and no other response is recognized.  Failure to confirm does not cancel your appointment and all fees will apply. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule please call 262-789-7880.

All groomers’ wages are commission based. If you cancel last minute or don’t show up for your appointment, the groomer does not get paid. This is why Caring Fur Canines has a strict cancellation policy to protect our groomers’ bottom line.

We work by appointment only and require that all grooming cancellations be made 24 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee. This also allows us time to contact someone from our waiting list and fill the time. We DO NOT accept cancellations via email, text or any form of social media. You must call us at 262-789-7880

First same day cancellation will be charged a $30.00 fee per dog before another appointment will be scheduled. We take credit/debit card information over the phone.

Second and all future same day canellations will be charged the full cost of the groom which must be paid before another appointment will be scheduled. We take credit/debit card payment over the phone.

Clients who routinely miss appointments will be required to prepay for services before any appointments will be scheduled. This will be a non-refundable non-transferable payment and will be taken by credit/debit card over the phone. 

LATE DROP OFF POLICY If you arrive 10 minutes late or more, your groomer may need to reschedule so they stay on time for other scheduled appointments.

PICK UP POLICY You will be given an approximate pick up time when you drop off. We will also send you a text letting you know your dog is finished and expect you to arrive within 15 – 30 minutes to pick up our dog. Any dog left in our care for an excessive amount of time after you have been notified could result in an extra charge. We do not provide daycare or boarding services.